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Welcome to Bloomington Brands

Bloomington Brands’ primary objective is to enrich the educational curriculum
of students at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business.

At B2, students receive real-world, hands-on exposure to brand management.

Recent News

January/February 2014

Brands is looking forward to the opportunity to recruit the new class of undergraduate interns (employment starts May 2014). To qualify, candidates must be Amerian citizens (or hold a green card) and should be on a track to graduate in either December 2014 or May 2015. Candidates must also be students at the Kelley School of Business. All business majors are welcome to apply. Our interns have a near perfect record achieving permanent positions by Christmas break of their senior year (e.g., December 2014). The team's four MBA members actively mentor the undergraduate interns. Historically, a significant number of the undergraduate interns have been selected for permanent marketing positions at The Scotts Company in Marysville, OH. The internship includes a project at Scotts. If successful in the summer 12-week program, interns will be asked to continue with Brands during the next academic year (e.g., 2014/15). During that period interns work alongside the MBA team members. This is a competitively-paid brand management opportunity and compensation continues during the academic year. If interested, here is the recruiting schedule --     

Brands/Scotts I-Core Presentations: January 27th
Resume Drop for Eligible Undergraduate Kelley Students: January 27th, 12 AM
Career Job Fair: January 28th, 4 - 8 PM
Bloomington Brands/Scotts Presentation to American Marketing Association: January 29th, 8:30 PM
Resume Drop Ends: February 3rd, 4 PM
Bloomington Brands Resume Review and Selection Ends: February 7th
Student Pre-Select Signup Starts: February 11th, 12 AM
Alternative Signup Starts: February 13th, 12 AM
Schedule Close: February 17th, 11:59 PM

1st Round of Interviews: February 19th
2nd Round of Interviews with Bob Stohler (Brands) and John Brown (Scotts): February 24th & 25th
Offers Extended (Target is EOD): March 4th
Acceptances (Target is NLT): March 11th


September 2013

The academic year has re-started and already we are thinking about recruiting for the next class of MBAs (who will start in January 2014). Prospective students are reminded that Brands is closely allied to The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company (Brands is 100% financed by Scotts). If interested in one, candidates should ideally be interested in both. Here's an overview of the recruting schedule for Brands/Scotts:

Roundtables: August 29
Scotts Company Presentation: September 17th
Bloomington Brands Company Presentation: October 4th
Resume Drop for MBA Student Members of the CMA: October 4th
Resume Drop Ends: 4 PM, October 17th
Scotts Company Visit: October 22nd
1st Round of Brands Interviews: November 7th
2nd Round of Brands Interviews: week of November 11th

Brands Offers Extended (Target is EOD): November 14th
Acceptances (Target is NLT): November 21st

August 2013

Steve Bode, MBA '14, will join Brands as CFO, effective with the resumpiton of classes, September 3rd.  Steve is a Purdue University graduate and former naval office (nuclear subs). He is the recipient of the Stohler Family Fellowship which is awarded to miliary officers who transition from active duty to civilian life via the Kelley School of Business resident MBA program. Steve is a member of the Kelley School's Corporate Finance Academy. We are pleased to have Steve on the 2013/2014 team (even when he cheers for Purdue athletics).

May 2013

Congratulations to the class of 2013! Katie Merkhofer (BA '13) accepted a full-time offer of employment from Scotts Miracle-Gro. Kyle Schneider (BA '13) took a position at MB Financial Bank in Chicago.  Christine Thomson (MBA '13) joined Target in Minneapolis and Scott Brown (MBA '13) decided on brand management at ConAgra (Chicago). Carrie Kroll (MBA '13) moved to California for a brand management position with E.J. Gallo Winery. Abijah Nyong (MBA '13), our finanical chief in 2012/2013, accepted an offer from Dow Chemical in Midland, MI. Brian Rak (BA '12) opted to seek a second degree in Infomatics and remains at IU in Bloomington. He continues to provide IT consulting services to Bloomington Brands.

Three class of 2014 undergraduates joined Brands (and Scotts Miracle-Gro) as summer interns in early May. They are Amber Riley, Spenser Christensen and Michael Krashen. In addition to working on the Osmocote Plant Food business in Bloomington, they will have projects at Scotts in Marysville, OH. All three will continue with Brands when the academic year resumes (fall 2013).

January 2013

Brands celebrated the New Year with a new MBA marketing team from the Kelley School's Consumer Marketing Academy (CMA). The new members, all from the MBA class of 2014, are Luke Hayworth, Erin Faulk and Wilbur Chaney. They will work at Brands during the 2013 spring and fall semesters. This is an especially strong team as they were selected from a highly competitve group of applicants in October/November 2012. Welcome class of 2014!

June 2012

Undergraduate summer interns are Katie Merkhofer, Brian Rak and Kyle Schneider.  Katie and Kyle are marketing interns working on the Osmocote brand and on the brand's websites, PlantersPlace.com and OsmocoteGarden.com, and on the brand's social media efforts on Facebook and Twitter.  Katie is focused on a market research project while Kyle is supporting the brands PotShots promo and its online video productions.  Brian is a software wizard who is working on the technical side of the various websites supported at Bloomington Brands. 

The current MBA associates are at Target, Kraft, ConAgra and Procter & Gamble this summer.  We look forward to their return in the fall.

Congratulations are in order for our May 2012 graduates: Zach Leffers (Aldi), KirstenTorchalski (Allstate), Paul Rabaut (Scotts), Samyukta Markley (P & G), Joel Targgart (Zimmer) and Jeremy Truxal (Kraft). 


February 2012

Bloomington Brands is in the process of recruiting our 2012 undergraduate summer interns! The Junior undergraduate students chosen will fulfill a 12week internship at the Bloomington Brands office downtown, and will begin their internship in May after we say goodbye to current Seniors Kirstin Torchalski and Zach Leffers.

The Brands Team will be conducting interviews during the following dates:

We are looking forward to meeting our undergraduate candidates and future interns!

December 2011

Brands held its annual "welcome and farewell" dinner Sunday, December 11th, at The Scholar's Inn.  We said "adios" to the Marketing MBAs who completed their year at Brands.  The departing team included Samyukta Marley, Paul Rabaut and Jeremy Truxall.  All three will graduate in May 2012.  Samyukta is headed to P & G, Paul to Scotts and Jeremy to Kraft.  The new Marketing Associates are Meghan Ackerson, Scott Brown, Carrie Kroll, and Catherine Thomson.  They will be at Brands in the spring and fall semesters of 2012.  Continuing into the new year is our CFO and Corporate Finance MBA, Joel Targgart. Joel will join Zimmer post-graduation in May 2012.  Our undergraduate interns, Zach Leffers and Kirsten Torchalski, have accepted post-graduation positions at Aldi and Allstate.  They will continue to work at Brands in the spring 2012 semester.

October 2011

Bloomington Brands will begin recruiting for the new MBA class this month. These students will work at B2 for the Spring and Fall semesters of 2012. Important dates include:

For more information on our program for MBA students, visit our MBA recruiting page.

August 2011

You’re looking at our newly redesigned website! B2 would like to thank Kelley senior Steve Torres for updating the company’s online image. Steve has been working closely with the brand team all summer, implementing the design and technical work, while the interns updated the site’s content. We hope that you are pleased with the final product!

B2 said good-bye to special MBA intern JK Kang a few days ago. JK completed a project regarding the PlantersPlace.com web site. JK returned to South Korea, his home, where he worked at Samsung before coming to graduate school in the United States. The brand team wishes him the best of luck in the future. It was a pleasure working with you, JK. Please stay in touch!

In other news, Scotts’ President, Barry Sanders, and its CMO, Jim Lyski, will visit the Bloomington Brands office early next month. The brand team looks forward to having them in Bloomington and on-campus.

July 2011

Over the past two months, representatives from Gardening How-To, Fine Gardening, and Horticulture magazines visited the Bloomington Brands office to review current year performance and to discuss advertising/promotional activities for the next fiscal year. These presentations were also great networking opportunities for the interns.

Congratulations to owner/founder, Bob Stohler, for completing an Ironman Sprint (a mini-triathlon) in Muncie, IN! After several months of training, Bob’s hard work paid off when he finished first in his age group—Bob also points out that he was the only participant in his age group!

May 2011

B2 bade farewell to its 2011 graduates: Claire Hoffman, Veronica Walton, Chris Talbott, Tom Herberger, Lindsey Hall and Chad Hobson. We wish them the best as they join the “real world” at their respective jobs. Meanwhile, the summer undergraduate students, Zach Leffers and Kirsten Torchalski, began their summer internships. They had multiple projects to work on but focused heavily on label redesigns for all SKUs as part of a brand re-launch. Both Zach and Kirsten are excited to be working in a field they enjoy while getting to spend the summer in beautiful Bloomington!

A little bit about us...

Bloomington Brands LLC manages the Osmocote® Plant Food brand under contract with The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company. The company was founded in 2003 by Bob Stohler and is designed to enrich the educational experience of students at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business by giving them hands-on brand management experience through internships and full and part-time positions. More on Bloomington Brands >>