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Is this a course or an internship?

For undergraduate students, this program is an internship. For MBA students, this program is an academic course.


How many interns are hired each year?

Bloomington Brands hires two undergraduate business interns, three MBA marketing students, and one MBA finance student.


When does Brands recruit?

MBA Marketing Positions: recruit in fall semester, start in January

MBA Finance Position: recruit in spring semester, start in August

Undergrad Marketing Interns: recruit in spring semester, start in May 


How long is this program?

The program commitment is for one school year. 


MBA Marketing Positions: January to December

MBA Finance Position: August to May

Undergrad Marketing Interns: Full-time for 12 weeks over the summer and continue work part-time during their senior year, if invited. 

Do you plan on managing any other brands besides Osmocote®?

Managing Osmocote Plant Food keeps our team busy. While we are not actively seeking new brands, taking on another brand is a possibility.


Do the majority of the students get hired back after the internship is over?

Bloomington Brands does not hire students post-graduation for full-time positions. One of the major benefits you gain by interning with Bloomington Brands is that your mentors and other Brands alumni will help you secure a full-time job after graduation.


Where have students gone after completing the internship?

Students have gone on to work at Scotts, Procter & Gamble, Kraft, Rubbermaid, SC Johnson and Eli Lilly, to name a few. For a complete list of companies, click here.


Is the Bloomington Brands program paid?

The undergraduate internship is paid. The MBA program is unpaid, but students receive course credit and a final grade based on their performance and effort.



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