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Marketing MBAs

Marketing MBAs


Bloomington Brands marketing associates work on relevant projects that serve as great talking points with recruiters. Working on a brand in real-time is an experience that is not available at any other Kelley School institution. Team members actively participate in the management of a broadly distributed product, and projects range from creating a new SKU to the management of a consumer promotion.


Bloomington Brands seeks first-year MBA marketing students to become key contributors to the brand. The position requires a commitment of 12 hours per week during the school year.  Marketing associates must have strong communication skills, creativity, and leadership skills, and they are expected to have an interest in consumer packaged goods. Associates are required to take accountability for their individual projects and deliver them with a high degree of workmanship.


Key marketing duties include:
  • Brand strategy

  • Selection of product formula and package

  • Label design

  • Sizing/ Pricing

  • Merchandising tools

  • Sales materials

  • Consumer advertising

  • Promotional activities

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