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Undergraduate Interns


The Scotts Miracle Gro Company and Bloomington Brands offer undergraduate Kelley students a unique opportunity for marketing and brand management experience.  


The undergraduate intern program consists of a paid summer internship from mid-May to mid-August (minimum 12 weeks).  Successful interns may be asked to continue work (with pay) during their senior academic year, working approximately 8-10 hours per week.


The internship operates from the Bloomington Brands office in downtown Bloomington, IN, with occassional reimbursed travel to Scotts headquarters in Marysville, OH.  


Interns gain a broad array of marketing and brand management experience supporting the Scotts brand Osmocote® Plant Food, and the brand's website,®.  In addition to working on the Osmocote® brand and website, interns are assigned a Scotts marketing project.  Interns conclude their summer projects with a presentation to senior marketing management at Scotts Miracle Gro.  At the conclusion of the summer internship, candidates may be selected for full-time Marketing Associate positions at The Scotts Miracle Gro Company (post-graduation).


Examples of undergraduate duties include:
  • Market research

  • Brand repositioning

  • Social media

  • Advertising

  • Label design

  • Garden Club partnerships

  • Rebate program


The Bloomington Brands undergraduate marketing associates will have the opportunity to work on relevant projects that add Brand Management to their resumes. Interns' work will not only help the profitability of Osmocote®, but also provide students with real-world, real-time experience that cannot be gained in the classroom.

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Student Eligibility:

The program is open to students at the Kelley School of Business, Bloomington Campus.  All business majors are eligible, but those interested in marketing are preferred.  The intern program is intended for students between their junior and senior years (with graduation occuring in December of the same year or in May of the following year).  Minimum GPA required is 3.00.  Candidates must be U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents.

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