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Bloomington Brands' Alumni Testimonials


“Working at Bloomington Brands has been one of my greatest learning experiences. Not only are you working on projects that can be seen on store shelves, but working with Bob has consistently expanded my business knowledge. Being a former Executive Vice President, Mr. Stohler shares with you knowledge and insight on decision making processes, budgeting, financing, marketing, etc. The amount of responsibility and role you take on is unprecedented for an undergraduate internship. Another great aspect of working at Bloomington Brands is the network you gain. The Bloomington Brands alumni family is throughout the United States working at companies like Kraft, Proctor, Scotts, and many others.” 

- Zach Leffers, Undergraduate Intern


“Interning at Bloomington Brands as an undergraduate student has offered me an experience that is rare to most interning undergrads. Nowhere else would I have received such a large load of responsibility as a means to develop and grow my skills as a brand manager. By working for Bloomington Brands, I was able to gain not only exposure, but hands-on experience with a product on the market and see the results of my marketing efforts.  Bob gave me projects that built my skills as a marketer but also contributed to the growth of the product.


Not many 20-year-old students can say they've established the foundation for a nationwide website, forecasted budgets or pioneered a radio advertisement for the first time in a product's history - all done before entering the "real world."


And that's just the tip of the iceberg.  A fair warning to all - if you are not open to learning, this internship is not for you. This is not a place where you can come to stay in your comfort zone and it is certainly not a place to do mundane database entry. Bob will push you to learn, push your brain power and always challenge you to take that extra step. Learning is not always easy. Still, Bob is one of the greatest bosses and mentors I have ever had and he will make it his personal agenda to help you succeed in your career and in your life. With this knowledge and skill, I leave my summer internship with the confidence that I will have multiple full time job offers in the fall.” 

- Jen Na, Undergraduate Intern 


“Working as an Associate Brand Manager for Bloomington Brands for my summer internship was the best choice I could have made. Having the opportunity to work with Bob Stohler was like having a wealth of knowledge right at my fingertips. I was able to gain insights into the consumer products world that I never would have had otherwise. I had the opportunity to actually make an impact on a real-world brand and I was given responsibilities that I don’t think I would have received in another internship program. For example, I was able to write a creative brief for an advertising campaign, analyze POS data for major retailers and make changes to the website. I’ve learned so much and I know that my experience at Bloomington Brands will benefit me in so many ways in the future.”

- Jessie James


“When doing networking with companies for full-time employment opportunities, mentioning my work with Bloomington Brands always brought about good conversation. I could show how my pre-MBA skills transferred into the world of brand management as well as how Kelley has given me the marketing and strategy tools necessary to be successful. Potential employers were always very interested in the program and impressed by the exposure I was getting to real brand management issues and challenges.”

- Zach Griffin 


“Bloomington Brands has been an invaluable experience--not only was I able to learn from Bob Stohler, a world-class marketer, and my fellow B2 co-workers, but also I was able to take ownership of marketing initiatives in an educational and professional environment. As a career switcher, the B2 experience gave me more confidence during my summer internship as I was already exposed to industry lingo and tools, such as analyzing market research reports, communicating and partnering with agencies, etc. Some of the best memories and learning experiences at B2 were the days where Bob and all the interns bounced ideas back and forth and debated (sometimes endlessly) business decisions, like "What should the new product be named?" There were also days spent receiving career advice from Bob and talking about dream jobs, career goals and personal goals.  


In addition, when you join Bloomington Brands you become part of the Bloomington Brands family, a vast network that has alumni at P&G, Kraft, Target, Scotts and Whirlpool, just to name a few.


I could not imagine my graduate experience without Bloomington Brands and I am excited about becoming part of the Bloomington Brands alumni family!” 

- Jamie Podhaizer

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