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Bloomington Brands selects students from the Kelley School through the Graduate and Undergraduate Career Service Centers at the Bloomington campus.  Students are selected in a highly competitive interview process. MBA students work on the brand for one academic year and receive course credits. One of the MBA students is always a finance major, and the others are members of the Kelley Consumer Marketing Academy. Two undergraduate juniors are selected each summer for a paid internship while the MBA students are away from campus. Typically, the undergraduate interns continue to work on the brand when school resumes in the fall.


The Interview Process

Marketing MBA interviews are held during the Fall semester (October).  Typically 2 candidates are hired.

Finance MBA interviews are held in the Spring (March/April).  Typically one candidate is hired.

Undergraduate Intern interviews take place during the Spring semeter (February).  Typically 2 candidates are hired.


There are two rounds of interviews for each position.  The first round is conducted by members of the current Brands class of interns.  Candidates who are selected to move on to the second round will be interviewed by Bob Stohler, the supervisor of Bloomington Brands, as well as a Vice President of Scotts Miracle Gro.


Bloomington Brands offers you the opportunity to gain marketing and brand management experience while you are still in school


The Brands program prepares students for their future careers, and provides extra marketing ammo in demanding interviews with some of the world’s top marketing companies.  Participants also gain the significant benefit of being valued candidates for full-time employment at Scotts Miracle Gro.  Alumni of the program also qualify for positions at many of the nation's top companies, and many top Consumer Product companies that recruit at Kelley are well-acquainted with the Brands program and the quality of its students.  


Bloomington Brands associates are expected to be mature, intelligent, organized, eager to learn, self-starting, creative, confident and ambitious.  Records of past achievement are respected and preferenced in the selection process.  


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