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2020 MBA Associates

Dilworth Headshot_edited.webp

Joe Dilworth

Marketing Associate

Graduate Major: Marketing 

Interests: Recreational Sports, Running, Reading

Undergraduate School: Oberlin College

Undergraduate Major: Law & Society, Sociology

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Mike Mohr

Marketing Associate

Graduate Major: Marketing 

Interests: Football, Golfing, Swimming

Undergraduate School: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Undergraduate Major: Business Administration and Management

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Anna Reis

Marketing Associate

Graduate Major: Marketing

Interests: Visiting all 50 National Parks, Trying New Recipes

Undergraduate School: University of Cincinnati

Undergraduate Major: Marketing

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Tom Williams

Marketing Associate

Graduate Major: Marketing

Interests: Traveling, Food, Live Music

Undergraduate School: UMass Amherst

Undergraduate Major: Economics and Accounting

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Jack Fowler

Finance Associate

Graduate Major: Finance

Interests: Running, Reading, Music

Undergraduate School: Miami University (OH)

Undergraduate Major: Economics

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2020 Undergraduate Associates

Mueller Headshot.jpg

Brittany Mueller

Marketing Associate

Majors: Marketing, Digital & Social Media Business Applications

Minor: Arts Management

IU Involvements: Delta Sigma Pi, IU Auditorium, Kelley Guides

Interests: Live Music, Dance, Photography, Event Planning, Coffee

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KSB 2018 Headshot.webp

Dakota Suomela

Marketing Associate

Major: Marketing & Management

IU Involvements: 21st Century Scholars Leadership Corps, Teaching Assistant with the Dept. of Business Law & Ethics

Interests: Cats, Marching Arts, Baking, Volunteering, Country Music

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